How do you set the selling price of your home? Probably the most dangerous way is to do it yourself. The asking price is, by far, the most important part of the selling process. You need expert input.

At our agency, we offer a no cost, no obligation comparative market analysis to help you evaluate your property. In doing this market analysis, we walk through your house with you, often marking suggestions about selling points that should be emphasized or minor changes that will enhance the sale. After this personal inspection, we will compare your property with others similar in size and character that are currently on the market, and that have been sold during the past year. In effect, the market will determine the proper selling price - and you'll probably be please with the suggested selling price. 

This market analysis is an excellent way of rationally determining your asking price. Bear in mind, however, that it's an estimate. In the final analysis, your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Hire an expert to find that willing buyer and set that selling price correctly.